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Dolphins Pearl Deluxe

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The Dolphins Pearl Deluxe casino slot game is one of the highest selling and critically acclaimed games available online and has a huge player base from around the world. The slot game offers player’s a unique opportunity to take part in a game that’s located under the water. This means that players will experience a totally new and alien environment when they start to play the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game. This underwater environment is one that is popular to portray in casino slot games and several other slot titles are also based in the ocean or sea. These other very popular and successful games include Lord of the Ocean, Mermaids Pearl and Big Catch. A certain type of player enjoys underwater slots and the fascination in them comes from the fact that the majority of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. The majority of Earth is therefore in an environment that cannot be accessed by humans which is the reason games like Dolphins Pearl Deluxe are so fascinating. The fact humans cannot breathe and live underwater makes the underwater world an unknown and therefore interesting element, the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game gives a player the chance to explore and enjoy this.

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The underwater setting in the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game is only one part of the theme and the other part is the games main character the Dolphin. The Dolphin is the star of the game and players will love this as these beautiful mammals are known to be a human’s favourite creature and man’s best friend. The Dolphins Pearl Deluxe slot gives players the chance to immerse themselves in an underwater world that is totally different to normal reality and experience playing with these wonderful creatures. Mans favourite creature the Dolphin has many amazing stories about the creature saving humans from drowning and saving people from shark attacks. Sharks are vicious and deadly animals that are famous for killing many people and there are many reported stories of Dolphins coming to a person’s rescue. The Dolphins Pearl Deluxe games therefore centre’s its theme on these wonderful creatures in the warm tropical Caribbean seas. The Dolphins Pearl Deluxe games theme and playing location is a glorious one that is presented to the player through great graphics and sound effects and excellent game play. The games theme cannot be enjoyed unless it is presented to players through first rate graphics and sound effects.

The graphics of the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe slot game are outstanding and players will love the fact they can totally immerse themselves into an underwater world. The background of the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game is the Caribbean shallow sea bed and the bottom of the screen are the rocks and seaweed of the ocean bed. The top of the games screen is lighter and this shows the seas surface with the sun coming through it. The background of the slot also shows the bubbles fizzing up from the bottom of the sea to the surface which is visually pleasing for players. The symbols in the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game are fantastic as they feature different underwater creatures that look brilliant in the slot game. The different creatures include crab, seahorse, stingray, school of fish, colourful fish, dolphin and the pearl mussel. These different creatures are all detailed in beautiful animation and look fantastic as they roll in on the reels. The different underwater creatures all perform a 3D performance when they arrive on the reels for example the pearl mussel opens and close. These 3D performances look fantastic and are a big draw for players in the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game as they will find it a main visual attraction.

The title text of the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game is placed at the centre and at the top of the games main screen and is presented in a very bold and attractive font. The writing is presented in a very strong and shiny colour that players will love and a pearl mussel is placed in the middle of the text. The sound effects are the next important feature of a casino slot game for players and the sounds in the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game will not disappoint players. The sound effects manage to create an underwater feel for players as the electronic tones play aquatic noises. The various symbols in the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game can create different winning combinations and these all have their own sound effects. The unique sound effects in the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game add lots of value to the overall game experience for players. The various bonus rounds in the game all have their own sound effects that are played to signify when the bonus has been activated. The last and most important feature of a casino slot game is the game play that is offered to players.

The game play of the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game covers the slots format and the bonus features that are available. The slot format is a ten win line and five reel set up which is very popular and common. The first of the bonus rounds available to players is the scatter bonus represented by the pearl mussel symbol. The player must spin in three of these symbols on the screen to activate fifteen free spins and these spins are paid to the player on a multiplier of three. This is an excellent bonus feature that can significantly contribute to a player’s prize fund. The next bonus in the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game is the substitute bonus which is represented by the Dolphin symbol. This symbol has the power to swap with any other on the board to dramatically increase the player’s chances of creating a winning combination across the reels. The third and final bonus feature in the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game is the gamble bonus where players have the chance to double or lose their winnings on a chance fifty / fifty bet. This combination of bonuses in the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game is excellent and gives players a great chance to reach some excellent winnings.