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Dolphins Pearl Deluxe Game

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One the best and most successful casino slot games available online is the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game which gives players the opportunity to be taken on an underwater adventure with Dolphins. Dolphins are very popular mammals that are thought of very fondly by a wide selection of people and these people will love this slot game. The Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game take players to the Caribbean Sea where the warm and tropical waters are home to numerous different beautiful sea creatures. The waters of the Caribbean seas instantly create nice images in player’s minds of warm tropical holiday like conditions. The underwater location is a popular one to base and theme a slot game and there are several other themed slots that are based underwater. The various underwater themed slot games are all based on other main characters and this Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game is unique in the fact it is centered on such a famous and popular mammal. The Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game theme and location is one that player will instantly fall in love with. It is very important that this theme is presented to players through great sound effects and graphics and in addition to this the game must have excellent playability.

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The playability of the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game is ultimately the most important element of a casino slot game for players. This is the major factor that controls a player’s enjoyment of a casino slot game and the bonus rounds that are on offer are pivotal in how much appeal the game has. The Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game has a slot format of five reels and ten win lines which means that players can enjoy an easy to play slot and have a decent amount of win lines to choose from. The more win lines that players decide to play with results in the larger chance of a spin of the reels being successful. The more win lines that players choose to play with also means that each spin cost the player more money. The player has the option to press the win line + or – button to increase or decrease the amount of win lines selected and capital risked. The stake risked in the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game can also be altered by the player pressing the stake + or – button. The higher the stake selected in the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game means the more money that can be won if the reels are successfully spun.

The overall objective in the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game is to line up five of the same symbols across the five reels and this will result in a winning line combination. The different symbols in the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game all result in the player winning different amounts and these amounts can be seen in the games pay table. The pay table is located at the bottom right of the games main screen and when pressed opens in a new screen for the player. The Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game has three main bonus features available to players that all have the potential to generate large amounts of cash for the player. The first of these bonuses in the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game is the scatter bonus which is represented by the pearl mussel symbol. The player must roll in three pearl mussels to the screen to activate the bonus which gives the player fifteen free spins paid on a times three multiplier. This bonus feature when activated looks great as all of the pearl mussel symbols open and close their month which looks fantastic on the screen. The multiplier is a very large one which offers players the chance to increase their winning fund dramatically.

The second bonus feature available to players in the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game is the substitute bonus which greatly increases player’s chances of successfully creating a winning line. The substitute bonus is represented in this game by the Dolphin symbol which has the power to swap with any other symbol in the game with the exception of the pearl mussel. The bonus feature can be instrumental in helping players achieve the right combination of symbols and therefore winning money whilst playing the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game. An additional feature of this excellent substitute bonus is that any winning line created with the help of the Dolphin symbol is automatically doubled. The third bonus feature up for grabs in the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game is the gamble bonus which gives players the chance to double or lose their prize fund. This bet is a completely fifty / fifty one where the player is presented with a deck of cards and the player has to choose if the next card drawn from the deck will be black or red. This is an excellent bonus feature in the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game that has great potential of increasing a player’s prize fund significantly.

The Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game has these excellent three bonus features that if used correctly will really help a player raise their prize fund to an attractive level. The next important element of the slot game after the playability is how the game and its theme are presented to players through its visual and sound effects. The visual effects of the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game are fantastic as they display the underwater background as a moving sea bed. The sea weed in the game waves with the current and the bubbles fizz up to the surface which looks great on the screen. The symbols in the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game are all various sorts of marine life including crabs, stingray, dolphins and schools of brightly coloured fish. These different fish are all animated in vibrant colours and in great detail which looks great on the screen. The sound effects of the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game complete the playing atmosphere with great nautical sounds which really create an aquatic feel to the slot game. The sound and visual effects combine with great success to convey the games theme to players and this slot can be highly recommended to players.