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Dolphins Pearl Deluxe Tricks

The potential to win large amounts of capital is something that players will quickly identify when they start to play this excellent underwater themed slot game. There are many different strategies and Dolphins Pearl Deluxe tricks that can help a player in their goal of winning the highest amounts of cash in the fastest possible time. These various strategies and playing tactics are excellent and need lots of practice for the player to perfect them. One of the best Dolphins Pearl Deluxe tricks is to play the slot game for free to build up an understanding of which strategies work best. The fact that this can be done without risking any of the player’s money is a massive bonus and players will enjoy the fact they can learn new playing tactics for free. One of the first Dolphins Pearl Deluxe tricks is to fully master the format of slot game as this is of vital importance to the player. The format of this casino slot game is a five reel and ten win line game giving the player the choice of how many win lines they should play with. The player can choose between one and ten win lines and a Dolphins Pearl Deluxe tricks is that the more win lines the player selects the more chance they have of winning.

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The increase in the win lines selected also means that the player risks more money on each individual spin. This means another of the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe tricks is if the player wants to play for a longer period of time and spend less capital then they need to play with the fewest amount of win lines possible. The main aim of the slot game is to line up five adjacent symbols across the five reels to creating a winning line combination. The different symbols in the game are paid at different amounts and a Dolphins Pearl Deluxe tricks is to know exactly what the different symbols pay to the player. This information can be accessed in the games pay table which can be found at the bottom right of the screen. The next important Dolphins Pearl Deluxe tricks is know exactly what bonus features are available and how to best utilize these different features so they can be turned into cash for the player. The first of the bonus features in this underwater adventure game is the scatter bonus feature which can lead to excellent winnings for a player. A Dolphins Pearl Deluxe tricks is to activate this feature as many times as possible due to its winning potential.

A key Dolphins Pearl Deluxe trick is to know that the scatter bonus feature can be activated by the player spinning in three of the mussel pearl symbols to the screen. This then activates fifteen free spins for the player which pays all winning combinations achieved on the spins at a multiplier of three. One of the key Dolphins Pearl Deluxe tricks is to try and work towards this bonus features as it has excellent winning potential due to the large multiplier. The next bonus feature that can be achieved is the substitute bonus which has the ability to really reward players. The substitute bonus is represented in the game by the Dolphin symbol and this symbol has the ability to swap with any other symbol on the board. Another one of the key Dolphins Pearl Deluxe tricks is to use this bonus to create winning line combinations and therefore be successful in the slot game. The substitute bonus can be a key factor in a player being successful and profitable whilst playing this slot game. A Dolphins Pearl Deluxe tricks is to know that when a winning line combination is created with the help of a Dolphin then that winning combination is doubled.

The final bonus in this underwater themed slot game is the gamble bonus feature which is a vital bonus that players need to fully understand. The bonus feature can be accessed after every winning spin and can result in a player either doubling or losing their prize fund. One of the key Dolphins Pearl Deluxe tricks that a player needs to remember is that the bonus does not have to be played and players can decline the bonus feature. The bonus when activated loads in a new screen and displays to the player a deck of cards, the player is then asked to choose what colour the next card drawn from the deck will be. This is very much a fifty / fifty chance bet but there is a Dolphins Pearl Deluxe tricks that can slightly improve players chances. This Dolphins Pearl Deluxe tricks is that players are shown what the last six cards drawn from the deck of cards were. Players from this can work out which colour has fewer cards in the deck and therefore increase their chances of guessing correctly. The next of the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe tricks is if the player guesses right they can repeat the feature and this will result in some aggressive increases to the prize fund.

The main secret behind a player being really successful when playing this slot game is that they need to be able to play all of these three bonuses to their full potential. A main Dolphins Pearl Deluxe tricks is that these bonuses are utilized at the right time to maximize their effectiveness during the game. The most important timing issue in regards to the bonus features is the gamble bonus that players must be very careful about the using. An important Dolphins Pearl Deluxe tricks is that this bonus is only used when the player can afford to lose as the feature risks the player’s entire prize fund. A key Dolphins Pearl Deluxe tricks is that players only play this underwater adventure themed slot game when they have a clear frame of mind so they can fully concentrate on the slot. It is very important to players that they can play this game in peace and quiet without any distractions from other elements. A major Dolphins Pearl Deluxe tricks are that players try to make the maximum usage of the scatter bonus feature. The scatter bonus pays all winning combinations at a huge multiplier which is very important that players make good use of.