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Dolphins Pearl Video Slot

The Dolphins Pearl video slot is an excellent themed game that takes players on an epic journey to the bottom of the warm Caribbean seas where the player will try and track down the pearl mussel. The pearl mussel resembles serious wealth and riches for the player and finding it is the ultimate aim in the Dolphins Pearl video slot. The search for this pearl mussel can be made much easier in the game by enlisted the help of man’s best friend the Dolphin. The beautiful Dolphin is a wonderful creature who features as the main character in the game, the Dolphins role as the main character in the Dolphins Pearl video slot is a big benefit towards player’s enjoyment. The Dolphins Pearl video slot features the Dolphin heavily and this is great because of this creatures huge popularity with people all over the world. The Dolphin is such a popular and loved creature with mankind because of famous TV programs like Flipper and other stories in the media. The stories about Dolphins often mention how they save humans from drowning and from Shark attacks which make them hugely popular with people all around the world.

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This Dolphins Pearl video slot takes place underwater in a beautiful and tranquil location and the game brilliantly allows players to enjoy this location through the sound and visual effects. Underwater games are very popular with players making this is one of the best places to base a game as players have a massive desire to see the world under the sea. The sea covers a huge proportion of the world’s surface and is an area humans have very little access to so this naturally creates a great deal of mystery and interest. The Dolphins Pearl video slot gives players the chance to immerse themselves in this mysterious underwater world. The visual effects that are used to present this underwater world to players are fantastic and the beautiful animations on the screen really bring the games theme to life. The visual effects in the Dolphins Pearl video slot include the main elements and these are the background, title text and the symbols. The background of the Dolphins Pearl video slot is a moving 3D image which looks fantastic as it recreates the sea bed with sea weed waving in the current and bubbles fizzing up to the surface.

The background in the Dolphins Pearl video slot is lighter at the top of the screen and darker at the bottom featuring boulders and sea weed. This is a very clever effect as the top of the screen looks like the seas surface with the sun shining on it and this is an effect that players will really enjoy. The title text of the Dolphins Pearl video slot is very effective as it is shown in a pearly silver colour in a very bold font. The text is placed at the top and in the middle of the main screen with a pearl mussel image placed in the centre of the text. The symbols used in the Dolphins Pearl video slot are exceptional and one of the visual highlights of the underwater themed slot game. The symbols used are various types of fish and marine life which look excellent in the Dolphins Pearl video slot as they are animated in bright colours and great detail. The variety of marine life represented by the symbols includes a stingray, sea horse, lobster, crab, dolphin and the pearl mussel. These different symbols all have their own unique 3D performance that they perform when they arrive on the reels.

The visual effects only manage to deliver some of the games underwater theme to players so it is important that the other main contributing factor to creating a good game atmosphere is perfect. The other main contributing factor is the sound effects that are used in the Dolphin Pearl video slot. The sound effects are very important in delivering the games overall theme to players and they manage to do this well through aquatic electronic tones. The aquatic and nautical tones in the Dolphins Pearl video slot are excellent as they manage to really create an environment of an underwater adventure. The various winning line combinations in the Dolphins Pearl video slot are all signified in the game through their own individual sound effect. The three bonus rounds available in the Dolphins Pearl video slot are all signified and represented by their own sounds that are designed to enhance the users playing experience. The combination of great sound and visual effects result in a brilliantly presented slot game and users will really feel part of the mysterious world under the sea. The other important factor of a slot game in addition to the games theme, visual and sound effects is the game play that is offered to players.

The game play of the Dolphins Pearl video slot is fantastic as players can play a slot game on a great format with hugely playable bonus features. The format of the Dolphins Pearl video slot is a five reel and ten win line game giving players a moderate about of flexibility over their win line selection. There are three bonus features available to players in the exciting underwater themed slot game and these include the gamble, scatter and substitute bonus. The substitute bonus in the Dolphins Pearl video slot is represented by the Dolphin symbol and this symbol has the ability to swap with any other symbol in the game to create a winning line. The Dolphin if used to create any winning line also has the power to double the amount paid on that winning line. The scatter bonus in the Dolphins Pearl video slot is achieved by the player spinning in three of the pearl mussel symbols. This action activates fifteen free spins for the player which is paid at a multiplier of three and this can really boost a player’s prize fund. The gamble bonus in the game has the ability to double or empty a player’s prize fund on the basis of one chance fifty / fifty bet.